ERTP Annual Forum

The ERTP Annual Forum is an opportunity for Church Leaders in the region to gather together with the Steering Group to discuss the work of the Training Partnership. It is hoped that each year the Forum will focus on a different area of ministry or training that is happening in the Region, with the expectation that members of local practitioner groups may be invited along to partake in any discussions.

The Annual Forum 2017 will consider the future of the Eastern Region Training Partnership, and will be facilitated by Claire Pedrick of 3D Coaching.

In 2016, the Annual Forum invited presentations on Mission Shaped Ministry and Fresh Expressions.  Presentations were given by Ian Bell on Methodist Pioneering Pathways, by Simon Goddard on flexible delivery of MSM and by Mads Morgan and Jonathan Dowman on Pioneering in the Diocese of Leicester.

In 2015, the Annual Forum invited Bob Hoskins to give a presentation on the process of establishing and promoting Learning Communities.  The Regional Interdenominational Learning Communities project was subsequently launched with the support of ERTP.

In 2014 the Annual Forum invited Nick Pavitt to launch the Journeying with God Facilitator Materials, an exciting 4 session training programme designed to help those who wish to be or who already are facilitators of Christian Groups to develop their skills. The materials are available for download:

Annual Forum 2014: Facilitator Training Materials Preview.

In 2013 the Annual Forum invited Dr Eeva John to give a presentation about the development of the Common Awards for ministerial training in the Church of England. The presentation is available for download: Common Awards presentation March 2013.

In 2011 the Annual Forum invited Revd. David Male of the Centre for Pioneer Learning to give a presentation on Pioneer Ministry. His presentation, along with one given by Revd Adrian Chatfield, can be found on Revd Male’s blog: